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Attempting & Submitting Assignments

Assignments at Rupetta Academy Kids Club serve as an exciting way to keep our club members actively involved and ensure parents stay up to date with their kids’ weekly activities. Assignments are designed to align with the week’s activities, each assignment provides an opportunity for children to showcase their learning and progress. With a generous six-day submission period, we offer flexibility to accommodate every schedule.

How to Submit Assignments: Simple Steps #

How to Submit Assignments: Simple Steps

Visit the assignment page for the week and click on the enticing “Start Assignment Submit” button to begin. Take a moment to read and fully comprehend the assignment requirements before diving in.

Next, express your thoughts and insights by typing your answer into the user-friendly assignment answer form. Once you are satisfied with your response, simply click on the encouraging “Submit Assignment” button to send it off.

Upon successful submission, you will be directed to a page displaying essential information, including the date and time of your submission, the assignment’s value in marks, the passing grade required, and your earned mark and result. Stay motivated as you witness your progress unfold!

Need to review or make adjustments to your answer? No worries! You can conveniently access your submitted answer and make edits at any time until your instructor grades it. Embrace the opportunity for improvement!

At Rupetta Academy Kids Club, we foster a supportive learning environment where every assignment submission is carefully graded by our dedicated club instructors. Their valuable feedback will be shared with each member personally, helping them grow and excel.

We believe in the power of assignments to enhance understanding and reinforce learning. By submitting assignments, club members actively participate in their educational journey, unlocking new opportunities for growth.

Dive in, submit your assignments, and witness your progress soar to new heights. Your dedication and hard work will undoubtedly shine through!

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