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Get familiar with the Dashboard Area

Welcome to the Rupetta Academy Kids Club Dashboard!

Your personalized Dashboard is your one-stop hub for all things Rupetta Academy Kids Club. We’ve designed it with you and your kids in mind, making it easily accessible and understandable. Let’s dive in and explore what you’ll find on your Dashboard:

1. Dashboard #


Click here to access the dashboard home, where you can effortlessly keep track of the number of clubs you’re enrolled in.

2. My Profile #

My Profile

This link takes you to your profile detail page, allowing you to update and personalize your information.

3. My Quiz Attempt #

My Quiz attempt

Need to review your quiz attempts? No problem! This link takes you to a page to view all the quizzes you’ve attempted across all your clubs.

4. Welcome Address #

Welcome Address

Get a warm and personalized welcome address from all of us at Rupetta Academy Kids. You can always revisit it by clicking on this link.

5. Learning Materials #

Learning Materials

Each club comes with its own set of learning materials, instructions, and guidelines. Access them anytime by clicking on this link.

6. Knowledge base #

Knowledge base

Stuck on something? Our comprehensive knowledge base is here to help. We’ve carefully explained everything you need to know to navigate Rupetta Academy Kids Club smoothly. If you can’t find a solution here, our support team is just a click away. Contact us through the contact page or send an email to You can even reach us via Call/WhatsApp at +234-811-111-2159.

7. Settings #


Need to edit any information about yourself? Click on the Settings Button to easily update details like your name, email, password, parent phone number, class in school etc.

8. Set your Profile Photo #

Set your Profile Photo

As a new user, you’ll always see a notification encouraging you to set up your profile photo. Click on the “CLICK HERE” button to add a personal touch to your profile.

9. Notification Bell #

Notification Bell

Stay in the loop with our handy notification bell. It’ll let you know when you have unread messages, such as graded assignments, assessment results for your quizzes, and important announcements from your club instructors.

We’ve designed the Dashboard to be your go-to resource for an enriching Rupetta Academy Kids Club experience. Dive in, explore, and make the most of your journey with us!

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