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How to Start Club Activities

Our platform’s activity section is designed to keep parents informed about their children’s progress in their individual clubs. Here’s what you can expect when you access your Club Activity page

Start or Continue Club Activities #

Start or Continue Club Activities

To begin your club activities, follow these easy steps:

Go to your enrolled Club Page from the current club section on your dashboard area. Click on the club you wish to Start.

Next, Click the “Start Club Activity” button if you haven’t started the activity yet. If you’ve already begun, click on the “Continue Club Activities” button.

Club Activities List #

Club Activities List

On the right side of the activity page, you’ll see the number of club activities available in your club. These activities are grouped by week, each with its own set of activities, quizzes, and assignments.

Each week may consist of multiple activities, quizzes, and assignments.

Activities can come in different formats: text-based instructions, videos, or live online classes.

For text-based activities, simply read through the contents and mark them as complete to pass.

For video-based activities, make sure to watch at least 90% of the video before marking it as complete.

And for live classes, attendance is required to mark the activity as complete.

To successfully complete your activities and receive your certificate, you must mark all activities as complete, pass all quizzes, and complete all assignments.

Community Discussion Section #

Community Discussion Section

Each activity also features an open community discussion section, where you can interact with other club members and ask questions to your club instructor. This fosters a collaborative environment where all enrolled members can engage and support one another.

Next/Previous Activity #

Next/Previous Activity

Once you finish an activity, you can easily navigate to the next activity by clicking on the “Next” button. Similarly, if you wish to revisit a previous activity, you can use the “Previous” button.

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