5 Effective Tips to Overcome Peer Pressure for Kids – Part 1

Welcome to the Tech Swimmers Club blog! We’re more than just a club; we’re a community dedicated to nurturing well-rounded children. Today, we dive into an important topic that every child faces at some point in their life – peer pressure. We’re sharing five effective tips to help your young one navigate these waters and come out stronger. Remember, we’re on this journey together, so let’s get started!

5 Emotional Intelligence Tips for Kids – Part 1

Hello, Rupetta Academy family! We’re more than just a swimming, coding, and chess club – we’re a community dedicated to fostering all-around growth in children. In addition to physical skills, we believe emotional intelligence is crucial for every child’s development. Today, as part of our commitment to nurturing well-rounded young individuals, we’re diving into the topic of emotional intelligence. We’re sharing five empowering tips to help your child understand and manage their emotions better. So, let’s jump right in!